Be the Linux server monitoring champ!

Monitoring the status of Linux servers could prove to be quite a task. If you are the IT administrator, you must be aware of the criticality associated with the availability and performance of your Linux farm. The task gets complicated further for businesses with offices in multiple locations. If Linux server monitoring is on your everyday list, then your motto would be “Avoid server bottlenecks and ensure maximum efficiency”.

Well, there is no magic wand that could help you in easing this, but there surely are certain metrics which if constantly monitored would make Linux server monitoring a lot simpler.

Site24x7 Linux Monitoring provides more than 60 performance metrics including load average, CPU, memory, and disk usage with AI and IT automation capabilities. Read along to find out the critical metrics that you would want to monitor using our service.

CPU usage:

It’s important to periodically monitor CPU usage to ascertain if the CPU usage rates are within normal ranges. A high rate of CPU usage may indicate the need to add more processing power. Site24x7 monitors CPU utilization by processor, core-based utilization, interrupts, & context switches to give you in-depth visibility of your CPU usage. 

Memory usage:

It’s critical to monitor the server memory usage as low memory conditions can lead to slow down of application operations and impact server performance. Use Site24x7 to get an insight on used memory and free memory and also memory pages.

Disk usage:

Any unnecessary increase in disk usage can be catastrophic and may cause issues like data loss. Keep a close eye on disk I/O to check if it is the reason behind the slowing down of applications. Capture key disk usage metrics like disk utilization, individual disk utilization, disk (I/O) with our monitoring service. Further, know what your disk usage will be after seven days, based on your current disk usage. If the disk usage and predicted value are irregular or show a sudden spike, then it means there is some performance degradation issue in the usage and definitive action is required. 

Network I/O:

You can keep a watchful eye on the traffic utilization patterns including input and output traffic, bandwidth utilization, which will help you determine exactly how loaded your network is.

Site24x7 Linux monitoring is the ideal monitoring solution, that presents all these metrics in an easy to understand model and helps you keep track of all the significant details from one single dashboard. Moreover, all these can be done from the cloud, so there is nothing like it. When it comes to monitoring your Linux farm, start proactively monitoring these vital stats and keep your IT infrastructure in top shape. Also check out how Site24x7 can make monitoring of your Windows servers a breeze.


Happy monitoring!


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