Site24x7 end-user experience monitoring: 2021 in a nutshell

From coping with life during a pandemic, to getting updated for the new virus variants, to witnessing a major outage of the social media stalwart, to rebuilding hope with the vaccines, 2021 has been an eventful year. We, at Zoho, managed to run our services smoothly in a hybrid mode with employees working from home as well as from our offices.

Our journey in 2021 was fueled by the support from our dedicated customers and that helped us meet our goals for the year. As we embark on the 2022 expedition, here's a quick recap of all the end-user monitoring related features or enhancements released for Site24x7 in 2021:

ISP Latency Monitoring

Do you know that the internet is 19,056 days old! 

What would life have been before that? Even imagining a life without internet is as difficult as working with an unstable internet connection. In this fast-paced world where everything from entertainment to finance management to hospitality services are dependent on the internet, it's pivotal to ensure the availability of a reliable internet connection to complete the transactions without any hiccups. Here's something that we have added to our arsenal to help you avoid connectivity issues: check the health of your network connections, analyze user experience, and obtain an idea on the performance from business-critical locations across the globe with ISP Latency monitoring

ISP Latency monitoring can help you monitor the ISP connections, latency, jitter, transit hops, and other key metrics across network paths continuously. You can drill down into each hop, analyze the latency of different paths from chosen locations, and initiate troubleshooting. ISP latency monitoring also helps check whether the service providers are sticking to their service-level agreements.

Filtering performance metrics for real users 

There are over 5.1 billion active internet users which is almost equal to the global population in 1987! 

Providing a glitch-free user experience can be a real challenge. But this year we brought out Filterable Performance, a feature that can help in slicing and dicing the performance data and custom data.

For instance, when an end user reports that the webpage is slow, you can use Filterable Performance to triage the issue. You can choose relevant filters for the particular user, identify the pages the user navigated to, find out the pages that took more time to load, the associated AJAX calls, the browser or ISP that was used to access the webpage, and figure out the root cause of the issue.

Internet Services Monitoring

Can you believe that there are 1.86 billion websites online and the number is increasing every second?

It's important to ensure that your webpage and all its page elements are working fine. We'll share a few of our enhancements for internet services monitoring, which we believe can help your websites, rest APIs, and more:

  • GraphQL support for REST API and REST API Transaction monitors to send GraphQL queries to obtain desired response from the GraphQL based API service.

  • Client certificate authentication or mTLS was introduced in REST API Transaction monitors to verify users, devices, and servers. Mutual authentication at both the client and server side can ensure that your transactions are safe.

  • Extended support for SSL Protocol version TLSv1.3 and application-layer protocol HTTP/2 version.

  • You can now set the minimum check frequency for Website, Rest API, SOAP, Ping, Port, SMTP, POP, and FTP monitors as 30 seconds.

  • The Ignore Resources option was introduced for Web Page Speed Browser monitors to skip receiving alerts for specific page resources of your preference.

  • We've extended the Block Domain option in Web Page Speed Browser monitors to restrict monitoring of selected resources as well.

  • We've extended our Web Transaction Browser monitor and Web Page Speed Browser support to Firefox version 83 and Chrome version 88.

Real User Monitoring (RUM) 

Studies prove that a user takes just 50 milliseconds to decide whether to stay or leave a webpage!

Here's our tip to gain attention from page visitors: ensure a seamless user experience with Site24x7's real user monitoring tool. 2021 helped us add a few more pieces to our RUM tool kit:

  • User Sessions to understand the experience of your webpage visitors and to help you optimize the experience your offer. Be in your user's shoes and analyze the experience based on their navigation path, the time spent on the webpage, or the time spent for each session.

  • Custom APIs to configure dynamic values to specify session timeout, to capture Javascript (JS) errors, for user IDs, and more.

  • Mobile APM support extended for HTTP calls, Screen Tracking, User Session tracking, and Filterable performance. Gain real time insight into end-to-end performance.

  • Obtain full visibility of end-user experience with respect to your application performance using Site24x7 React Native SDK

Security Monitoring 

Do you know that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error? 

Avoid every loophole in your environment that can cause security breaches and create a foolproof plan to create a secure cyberspace. In 2021, we added these enhancements to our security monitoring feature:

  • You can now provide the Whois server details from which you'd wish to query details while creating a Domain Expiry monitor. Whois is a global index on domain ownership and controller information, which helps in maintaining the integrity of domain name registration and website ownership.

  • Extended support for generating the security reports for SSL/TLS monitors, Real-time Blocklist (RBL) monitors, Brand Reputation monitors, and Defacement monitors using API calls.

  • Supported bulk import or export of RBL monitors.

The road ahead

We believe that these updates and enhancements will help in your monitoring journey. 2021 was a smooth journey for us mainly because of your support and suggestions, and we look forward to a beautiful journey with you in 2022 as well.

This is just a piece of the jigsaw puzzle, you can obtain the complete picture of Site24x7 feature releases or enhancements from the What's New page. Get to know what's in store for the next year from the roadmap for 2022, and stay tuned to Site24x7's community to get information on new releases.

Another tidbit: Wireless internet signals are generally emitted from a router in a doughnut shape!

Sounds interesting, right? Here's all of us from Site24x7 wishing you a very interesting and happy 2022. 

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