Introducing Site24x7 Enterprise Account

Author: ArunWe've just released a brand new user package in Site24x7 - the Site24x7 Enterprise Account. This package is ideal for enterprises who want to ensure their customer-facing web sites are meeting business goals. The enterprise account has all the features of our Premium account plus a slew of new features. Here are a few highlights:

Website SLA Management

This feature lets you define service level agreements and track their compliance. You can now get real uptime and performance stats of your sites and compare with the SLA. The reports section will help you find out if your service providers are meeting your overall expectations. Enterprise-class Reports

There are quite a few reports in the new user package which businesses can benefit from. Some of these reports include the Busy Hours Report which gives you performance reports segmented by hour of the day or day of the week, Trend Report to keep a track on website performance trends, Summary Report, Downtime Report, Response Time Report, etc. Here are a few samples:

Summary Report

Response Time Report

Other features/enhancements in the enterprise account include

Monitor Group - which lets you group related monitors into separate categories, very useful for service providers. Trace Route upon failure - for isolating the point of network failure. Operations Dashboard - to get an overall picture of the performance of your websites from various geographical locations. An enhanced billing module which includes itemized billing info, printable invoices, etc. Check out this comparison chart to know how the enterprise account differs from the other user packages. To try out the enterprise account, please sign up for a full-fledged, free 15-day trial account. The above-mentioned features are exclusive to the Enterprise account. There are other enhancements too which are common across all accounts. These include an additional 6 monitoring locations (3 in US, 1 each in Europe, Africa & Australia), an improved public stats page, spruced up website design, and more. More on these in a separate post.

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