Achieve observability with Site24x7 and AWS Lambda Telemetry API integration


The Lambda Telemetry API empowers users to integrate monitoring and observability tools like Site24x7 with their Lambda functions. Site24x7 is an AWS-reviewed Lambda Service Ready Program Partner and is announced as a launch partner in AWS Lambda Telemetry API feature release. Customers, AWS partners, and the serverless community can use the Lambda Telemetry API to receive telemetry streams from the Lambda service, including function, extension logs, and metrics coming from the Lambda platform.

Lambda Telemetry API can also be used to create extensions that can subscribe to the telemetry streams directly from within the Lambda execution environment. As Lambda streams telemetry data to the extension, users can process, filter, and deliver that data to any preferred destination, such as an S3 bucket, or an observability tool like Site24x7.

Lambda Telemetry API demo

Lambda Telemetry API demo

The Telemetry API allows extensions to subscribe to the following telemetry streams:

  • Function logs: Custom logs that Lambda Function code generates (stdout/stderr)

  • Extension logs: Custom logs that Lambda Extension code generates (stdout/stderr)

  • Platform telemetry: Logs, metrics, and traces that describe events and errors related to execution environment runtime lifecycle, extension lifecycle, and function invocations

Use case

Before Telemetry API, monitoring tools were using Logs API to fetch logs from the Lambda that only included a few types of events that gave no clarity to the Lambda functions.

After Telemetry API implementation, users can get deeper insights into the different phases of the Lambda execution environment lifecycle (initialization, invocation, etc.), which will provide an enhanced observability experience.

Site24x7 equips customers with enhanced observability capabilities through next-level platform metrics.

How does it work?

Site24x7 already supports logs using Lambda Extension and Logs API. With this update, Site24x7 will support a new Telemetry API that fetches both logs and metrics. After upgrading to our latest version of the Lambda Extension, every Site24x7 user can build their own layer and integrate it using Site24x7's extension zip file.

Lambda, when enabled, continues to send telemetry to CloudWatch and X-Ray in spite of an extension being subscribed to one or more of the telemetry streams. After an extension is subscribed to the Telemetry API, the extension will start receiving telemetry from Lambda. Telemetry API supports the following types of platform events.


Event type


Platform event


Function initialization started

Platform event


Function runtime initialization completed

Platform event


Function initialization completion report

Platform event


Function invocation started

Platform event


Function runtime invocation completed

Platform event

Function invocation completion report

Platform event


Extension registered

Platform event


Extension subscribed to Telemetry API

Platform event


Log events dropped

Function logs


A log line from function code

Extension logs


A log line from extension code

Get started

Ensure that you have a Lambda function integrated with Site24x7 to get started. Refer to our help documentation to start using the Lambda Extension integration right away. If you have any feedback, let us know in the comments section below. Lambda Extension is available for all regions and currently supports x86 architecture Lambda functions. To know more about Site24x7 and its AWS monitoring capabilities, click here.

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