Monitor a group of Websites using Monitor Group

Do you manage websites belonging to multiple companies? Do you need to keep tabs on the uptime and performance of websites on a company-wise basis? The "monitor group" feature in Site24x7 will allow you to do just that. The monitor group lets you organize or group multiple monitors into a group. You can use this to tag different websites or servers belonging to a particular client/company into a single group. If you have multiple clients, you can create multiple groups.

A Sample Monitor Group

The advantage with this is you get group-wise downtime and performance reports, so you know exactly how your client is performing.

Group-wise Performance Reports

Setting up a monitor group is very easy. Just click the 'Monitor Group' link to open up a wizard from where~ you can select the monitors to be part of the group.

The monitor group feature will be very useful for managed service providers who monitor web sites and servers belonging to multiple clients. This is available in the recently-launched Site24x7 Enterprise Account.


What is your take on the monitor group feature? Do let us know your feedback!

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