Monitor your site’s uptime and responsiveness

Author: ArunThere is an interesting discussion going on at geeksandgods website forums. The discussion started with a post on what to monitor once your website is up and running. Mark has replied to this post in a comment titled "Monitor your site's uptime and responsiveness

Monitoring services and software packages are available that can check your site on a regularly scheduled intervals and report back to you on problems like finding the site down, responding too slow, or having been unexpectedly changed. I don't know all the options or everything that's available. I found a few monitoring services listed in the extras section of The Host Guru website. I also found a section discussing monitoring uptime on the Web Host Reviews web site. Both sites seem like they may be useful to the frustrated website shopper. I'm currently using Site24x7's 15 day trial which give me site response for several sites at intervals as frequently as every 5 minutes. I get a graph of page load time, e-mail and/or SMS alerts. After 15 days its going to revert to only monitoring 1 site and only checking once an hour, but that still seems useful. Besides a login where I can configure stuff and review details, I get code I can embed in a web page to produce a condensed graphical report, and a RSS feed that shows me the current site(s) status. The monitoring allowed me to see that some of my sites occasionally respond so slowly that they are either useless or extremely irritating (10-30 seconds to load a page).


There is another comment about using Site24x7's Web Page Analyzer tool to find out why your web page is loading slow. The entire discussion can be read here. I also found another blog post on Site24x7 last week in the free-css website. It talks about Site24x7 service and monitoring website availability with Site24x7.

"Any website owner will know that you cannot leave your website availability to chance, more so in today's internet economy where most businesses depend on their websites for revenue. The effects of website downtime has already been well chronicled. Site downtime leads to revenue losses, both directly and indirectly, and it could adversely affect your company's reputation as well. Therefore, it is highly imperative that you monitor your web site at all times so that you become aware of problems early enough before it translates into substantial loss of revenue.


Entire article can be read here. Thanks for writing about us, guys!

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