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Author: ArunKillerstartups has included Site24x7 among its list of killer Web 2.0 sites. They also have included a short review of Site24x7 in their site. The review is titled "Site24x7 - Complete Website Maintenance". Here are a few excerpts:

These days businesses are judged by how professional their website looks and how well it works. That being the case, companies who do not have a professional site manager are constantly running the risk of website failure. offers a service for these companies that is affordable and reliable. Site24x7 is a simple hosted web site monitoring service that works around the clock making sure that websites are performing flawlessly.

There is a "why it might be a killer" section which explains the value Site24x7 can provide to a website owner.

A business’ website is the face of the business and must run seamlessly. Site24x7 can ensure that sites run to their highest potential and when something goes wrong it does not remain a mystery. It used to be that if a client was unhappy with a service they had to do research and call around to other companies. Now, all it takes is a few clicks to drop one service and find another one. Therefore, websites must run perfectly and Site24x7 can make that a reality.


The review also includes our contact information as well as Alexa traffic rank and other competitors in this space under the 'Killer Data' section. Read full review

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