Site24x7: Some recent coverage in the blogosphere

Author: ArunCame across a couple of nice little blog posts on Site24x7. Luv Maloo has a nice little article in his blog Technical hAcKz AnD tRiCkZ. The article is titled Site24x7: Keep a close watch on your blog or websiteFew excerpts from his article:

Whether you have a hugely popular blog or getting just a few visitors per day, you still want to make sure that your site is up and running all the time. And that no hackers have sprayed graffiti on your blog with the intention of defacing your website.

In his post, Maloo also mentions AdventNet, our parent company, the Zoho brand of online office suite that we develop, as well as Applications Manager, the application management software from ManageEngine stable.

In either of these emergency situations, you want to be notified immediately over email or an SMS on your mobile phone and Site24x7 will help you with just that and more for free. It is from the same company, AdventNet, that develops the powerful Zoho Web Office Suite.


The developers AdventNet even provide a free desktop version of the URL monitoring software that does a few things more like retrieving the entire content of the webpage.

Ashish Saini aka Ashfame has an article about Site24x7 in his blog as well. The post is titled Free Personal Site Monitoring

My college friend Luv Maloo has blogged about a really good service Site24x7 as your personal site monitoring assistant that continuously monitors websites for you and immediately issue an alert when there's some unusual change on the design or when the blog site is inaccessible [offline] or when some webpage is returning a "page not found" error or taking too long to respond. You can choose to get notifications through either email or through sms on your mobile.


Thanks for your posts Luv and Ashish!

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