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Add Monitor for Dell servers via iDrac SNMP

Dell's iDRAC equipment and software provides SNMP information that we would like to monitor in Site 24x7.  We especially need to know about things like failed disk, bad BBU RAID batteries, memory corruption, etc.   The MIB files are online here http://www.dell.com/support/manuals/us/en/19/dell-opnmang-srvr-admin-v8.1/SNMP_iDRAC8-v3/Introduction?guid=GUID-429C91A4-E5E5-4622-A36F-461BE625988C&lang=en-us

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We do not have an out of the box support for monitoring the Dell's iDARC device. However, you can use Plugin monitor by creating a custom script for monitoring the device. Please check the link below for more details. 

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We too would like to see some Monitoring of Dell iDRAC SNMP on the platform as well as HP iLO SNMP monitoring. 

The whole point of this is to submit a feature request for it to be considered as a development idea for your "out of the box" solutions.  

There isn't much point in showing us down the custom plugin route for a hardware monitoring feature request.  Please pass this request on to your developers and let Muralee know about this feature request too!
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Hello Robert and Kelly, 

We will consider adding this request to our product roadmap. However, we do not have a timeline for this feature at the moment.

Site24x7 supports using Nagios plugins as part of our Server monitoring (Plugins). Hence, as a workaround, you can use the Nagios plugin available in the below link to monitor Dell IDRAC and integrate that data in to Site24x7.  


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I again echo the comments of Kelly.  This feature would be extremely useful to us and form part of the critical data center operations monitoring.  To be an all in one monitoring solution as your supposed USP suggests, the most common server hardware manufacturers such as Dell and HP (who provide SNMP) should have monitoring capabilities on your platform.

I am requesting the following feature to be developed, tested and rolled out into production ASAP:

  1. Server Hardware Monitoring for Dell iDRAC via SNMP
  2. Server Hardware Monitoring for HP iLO via SNMP
We would like to know of any hardware failures, disks, fan speeds, power supply failures, pretty much as much hardware information as possible via SNMP.

Pointing us in the direction of a rival monitoring solution that is not free open source is not a viable work around.  We came to Site24x7 as you claim it's an all in one monitoring solution but if you are pointing us in the direction of other providers whenever you cannot live up to your USP, then begs the question why should we stay on with you.
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Where are we with this please?? Please provide an update without further delay!!!
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Hi Robert,

Hope you know our Custom Plugin monitoring feature, which supports monitoring of external systems from our Linux / Windows server monitoring agents.  This agent supports plugin scrips from Nagios monitoring too.

We will be providing an exclusive plugin in Site24x7 for hardware monitoring of iDrac and iLO.

Please get back to our support for understanding the Custom Plugin monitoring, which will help you in covering most of your monitoring requirements from Site24x7.


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What is the ETA on the exclusive plugin in Site24x7 for hardware monitoring of iDrac and iLO please?

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Like many others, our company uses Dell equipment also and we would be very interested in this plug in. Thank you so much!
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We are actually very interested in this option, as well as OpenManage support (if agent is installed on the same server).

Can't wait for an ETA !
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PFA plugins for monitoring the status of iDRAC Hardware components and also the metrics for each of the individual components.

Zip contains:

iDRAC - Monitors only the status of the Hardware components
iDRAC_Battery - Monitors the Battery and its usage
iDRAC_CPU -  Monitors CPU in iDRAC Servers
iDRAC_Fan - Monitors Fans present in iDRAC Servers
iDRAC_Memory - Monitors Memory  in iDRAC Servers
iDRAC_PDisk - Monitors all the physical disks  present in iDRAC Servers
iDRAC_Powersource - Monitors all the Power sources  present in iDRAC Servers
iDRAC_Powerunit - Monitors all the power units  present in iDRAC Servers
iDRAC_Sensor - Monitors all the sensors  present in iDRAC Servers
iDRAC_VDisk - Monitors all the virtual disks present in iDRAC Servers

Prerequisties: net-snmp package 
Steps to add the iDRAC Plugins
1: Download the attached zip under plugins folder in Site24x7 Agent installation Directory.
2: Edit the iDRAC*.py to configure your iDRAC Server details and snmp details 

### iDRAC Server Configuration Details
VERSION = '2c'  # This plugin supports 2c
COMMUNITY = 'public'
3: The Site24x7 Linux agent will now automatically detect the plugin and mark it up for monitoring 
4: Configure thresholds for alerting in UI:
Login to your Site24x7 account -> Server -> Plugins -> Select plugin name -> Threshold Profile -> Click on pencil icon to edit


Size: 44.02 KB
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Anita deserves a BIG round of applause! This is awesome! Thank you!

And Robert11 needs to calm down.
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what is wrong in robert11 demanding for ETA while paying money for the services. 

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Hello Everyone,

Greetings !

We have exclusive iDRAC Monitoring supported with our Plugin Integrations. There are exclusive plugins, specific to monitoring iDRAC's performance, Battery, CPU, Memory, Fan, Power Unit, Power Source and more.

For more details, please refer our web page.


The iDRAC plugins are available in below links, please download the appropriate plugins and monitor the performance of it.

iDRAC performance  - https://github.com/site24x7/plugins/tree/master/idrac

iDRAC Battery - https://github.com/site24x7/plugins/tree/master/idrac_battery

iDRAC CPU - https://github.com/site24x7/plugins/tree/master/idrac_cpu

iDRAC  Memory - https://github.com/site24x7/plugins/tree/master/idrac_memory

iDRAC Fan - https://github.com/site24x7/plugins/tree/master/idrac_fan

iDRAC Power Unit - https://github.com/site24x7/plugins/tree/master/idrac_powerunit

iDRAC Power Source - https://github.com/site24x7/plugins/tree/master/idrac_powersource


Any feedback or further queries please reply the post.




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Is there an IDRAC plugin for windows servers?

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Hi James,

Yes, we support the iDRAC plugin for Windows as well. Please follow the steps below to install the plugin:


  • Latest version of Net-SNMP installed.
  • Python 3.6 or above installed.
  • Set PowerShell ExecutionPolicy as RemoteSigned. 

For the Windows agent versions older than 19.4.5, please follow the below steps:

  1. Download the plugin from Github and unzip the file.
  2. Change the <python-installed-path> in $python = "<python-installed-path>\Python36-32\python.exe" to your python installation path in the file <plugin-name>.ps1
  3. Copy the mib file to net-snmp default mib location as returned by the command: net-snmp-config --snmpconfpath
  4. Add a line in snmp.conf file in the net-snmp installed path: mibs +<IDRAC-MIB-FILENAME>
  5. Change the iDRAC host configuration details. In the next agent data collection, the plugin will be discovered and marked up for monitoring.

For Windows agent versions above version 19.4.5, the existing python plugin script will work on changing the configuration details.

  1. Download the plugin from Github and unzip the file. 
  2. Copy the mib file to net-snmp default mib location as returned by the command: net-snmp-config --snmpconfpath
  3. Add a line in snmp.conf file in the net-snmp installed path : mibs +<IDRAC-MIB-FILENAME>
  4. Change the iDRAC host configuration details. In the next agent data collection, the plugin will be discovered and marked up for monitoring.

Hope this helps. Let us know for any queries.




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