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Adding SSL on Monitoring


i was wondering how will i add a SSL monitoring if the domain goes like this *.yoursdomain.com. I tried to added it and getting configuration error. Any suggestion and inputs is welcome. TIA!

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Re: Adding SSL on Monitoring

You can add the monitor with an actual subdomain such as "www.example.com". If the certificate changes from "*.example.com" to something else, or even to a valid name such as "www.example.com", we will still alert you that the certificate has changed.

You need to provide an actual subdomain because the certificate can only be retrieved with an SSL connection to a the web server.

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Re: Adding SSL on Monitoring

Wildcards (*) are not supported as far as I know.

This would be a great option to add for certificate monitoring. Maybe something you should post as a feature request.

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Re: Re: Adding SSL on Monitoring

It's technically impossible to monitor a wildcard domain. We need an actual domain name that resolves to an IP address so that we can connect to the server and retrieve the certificate.

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Re: Re: Re: Adding SSL on Monitoring

This is worth revisiting for sure. You have the option to "Skip hostname verification", can we get an option to "verify hostname domain only"? This would not impact the domain name resolving to an IP address.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Adding SSL on Monitoring


Agreed, we are already in the plan of revisiting this.

We have planned on solving this in two ways:

1. Provision to provide the domain name alone, then we’ll be scanning all the sub-domains under it , then we’ll contact any one of the sub-domain to download and monitor the certificate .

2. Provision to import the SSL certificate directly , then run monitor on the imported certificate , this will avoid the need to resolve the provided hostname to IP.

Feel free to let us know if you have any concerns in the above to approaches as well.

We are currently exploring other possibilities as well, will let you know once this enhancement is released.



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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Adding SSL on Monitoring

Solarwinds had this feature so must be possible

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Adding SSL on Monitoring

Or can we just manually input an expiration date and ssl term. That may be a bit quicker/easier to program into your system

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