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could you please add an advanced search function? Could be useful also for the MSP accounts.

Imagine a situation where you have more than 500 servers. A security vulnerability is discovered, and affects to Ubuntu servers. Would be great to quick figure out which servers are using Ubuntu (or linux) with a filter.

Would be great to be able to select which kind of monitor (windows, linux, SSL, website...). Multiple choice would be great. And then, you can also use some filters by OS distribution... etc 


Kind regards,

Eduardo Puente
Team AWS - System Administrator / DevOps

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Thanks for the suggestion Eduardo. Search is something we want to do better. We are working on some features like tags that will help better the search functionality. We will keep in mind MSP accounts too.


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Hi Eduardo,

We have released the query-based search feature. Refer to this announcement post for more details.

P.S. The MSP Admin-level search is yet to be released.

Feel free to reach out to us for further clarifications.



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