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Alerting on Database Metrics

Hi there,

I'd like to make a feature request.

I was thinking it would be good if we can configure thresholds for alerting on database metrics.  The transaction time would be the one of primary interest as it can give a indication of a wide range of underlying issues (deadlocks, hardware constraints etc.).

Other alerts can then help to pinpoint the issue.

Thanks as always,




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Re: Alerting on Database Metrics

Hi ,


Could you specify the RDBMS that you are monitoring? This would help us assist you further in configuring alerts for your database.





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Re: Re: Alerting on Database Metrics

Hi Muralikrishnan,

In my instance the database is Microsoft SQL server but Oracle support in the future would be nice as well.

Thanks and best regards,




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Re: Re: Re: Alerting on Database Metrics

Hi Anderson,

For SQL Server monitor, we already have option to trigger alerts for Database metrics 'Transaction Time' and 'Dead locks'. 

Please follow the steps to configure the threshold for the above metrics.
1. Login to Site24x7 account.

2. Goto Server -> Microsoft SQL Server -> SQL Server monitors will be listed.

3. Goto the SQL Server monitor, where you would like to configure the alert.

4. In the SQL Server monitor detail page, user can find a Hamburger Menu. Goto the Menu and select Edit.

5. In the 'Edit Microsoft SQL Server Monitor', goto 'Threshold and Availability' and click Edit.

6. In the 'Edit Threshold Profile' page, under 'Threshold Configuration' user can Set Threshold Values for Transaction Time and Dead locks.

 Regarding Oracle Database monitoring, we have a plugin to monitor its performance. The details of the Plugin as follows.


For any further clarification, please reply the post.




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Re: Re: Re: Re: Alerting on Database Metrics

Hi Muralikrishnan,

It works perfectly.  Thanks again for your help.




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We have a specific client that has oracle 11g, but I would like to collect specific metrics as we can see oracle-base.com/dba/scripts

Would it be possible to develop in the python plugin to obtain these metrics? It would be interesting to just create a directory of .sql files where the python script runs.



Fernando Oliveira

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Re: Re:

Hi Fernando,

We support Oracle Monitoring using our Python plugin. Refer our documentation to know the metrics and steps to install the plugin.  


If you want to monitor the result of a specific query, you can customize the existing plugin to include the metrics you are looking for.

If you need our assistance in this process, please share with us the list of metrics that you would like to monitor and the corresponding query output for the same.

Hope this helps. 




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Re: Re: Re:


The Oracle plugin so far works very well for one database on one server. We have many databases that we monitor and several of them live on the same server. We also have RAC databases that have multiple instances across several servers. So our issue right now is scaling this solution. How do I do multiple databases on one server ?



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Re: Re: Re: Re:

I would like also interested in this topic. How to monitor Oracle RAC which comprises of multiple servers instead of one? 

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