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API only User

I would like to be able to create api access users without needing to give access to the site. It would be great if as the super admin I could generate api keys for varying degrees of permission (using the existing roles is fine) without actually giving access to the site.

The only piece that is a hindrance currently is that to create an api token I must add a user that is at least read-only, which is fine, but I must also have a valid email account to login as the user to create the token. I currently am doing this, but it costs money to license new email accounts. The main part of the process that would need to be altered to help my issue is to bypass the invitation email portion of creating a user. If there were a way to mark a user as api only, but everything else remain the same that would be great.

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Re: API only User

Say your email id is someone@company.com. Most mail services, including gmail, supports adding an email of the format someone+1OrAnythingAfterPlus@company.com and the email would land in the someone@company.com  mailbox. Create a user with that account and  please check if that could help your case.

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Re: Re: API only User

I know that I can create a new aliased email account every time that I want to create a new api token, I was just hoping that it would be possible to create an api token without needing a user to login.  That being said, this should have been posted in feature requests.  Thanks for the reply.

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Re: Re: Re: API only User

I am looking for that functionality as well, we are not following or looking into the account for automation, perhaps we can have the functionality of a local account inside the subscription.

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