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Availability report for Sub-Groups

I was thinking it would be easy to have the dashboard clean if i can have availability reports for Sub-Groups and as far as i have searched i am unable to find this option Is this Item is in Site24x7 Road-map and we have more than 100 monitors inside sub-groups so, it will be very easy for us to get classified Availability Reports in a single place.

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Re: Availability report for Sub-Groups

Hi Sowndarrajan,

    I understand the convenience of having such a report. We'll keep this space updated as and when we have an update on this.


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Re: Availability report for Sub-Groups


We're now supporting Subgroups in various Site24x7 features.

You can opt to include  Subgroups while creating availability reports by navigating to Reports > Monitor Groups > Availability Summary report. Select the Monitor Group/Subgroup of your preference. 

Please read the community post to know more about the Subgroups enhancement.

We hope this enhancement makes monitoring and managing monitors in Site24x7 easier, and would love to hear your valuable feedback in the comment section below.  



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