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Seamlessly integrate your AWS accounts with Site24x7

Hi there!

We're happy to announce that Site24x7 now supports AWS Control Tower, which enables you to effortlessly integrate multiple AWS accounts with Site24x7. AWS Control Tower provisions your AWS accounts to meet your organization's security and compliance requirements.

Site24x7 automatically discovers all the accounts in your organization, including new accounts, with AWS Control Tower. You can leverage the following benefits while integrating your AWS account using AWS Control Tower:
  • Automatically create Amazon Resource Name (ARN) roles for multiple accounts.
  • Easily add multiple AWS accounts from an organization to Site24x7.
  • Manage all integrated AWS accounts from a single location.
  • Automatically add or remove accounts.
How does it work?
The AWS CloudFormation stack, created with the Site24x7 template, generates the IAM role with the provided configurations and the necessary resources required to send the ARN roles to Site24x7. The Lambda function securely sends the generated ARN role for integration using the Site24x7 API key.

Once the ARN roles' details are fetched, you can configure settings (such as the default threshold profiles for each supported AWS service), mute resource termination alerts, and customize the Guidance Report using the Advanced Configuration option. Also, if new accounts are created using AWS Control Tower, they will be automatically integrated with Site24x7.

Refer to our help documentation to learn more about enabling access to your accounts using a CloudFormation stack and Control Tower life cycle events.

If you have any feedback, let us know in the comments section below.
The Site24x7 team
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