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Basic IIS Monitor without data

I just installed an IIS monitor and it recognizes all my applications correctly. The problem is that I'm missing a lot of data from the monitor.

On the Summary tab I dont have data for the following:

  • Network Statistics
  • Top App Pools by Exceptions
  • Top App Pools by Memory Usage (Working Set)
  • Top Apps by Traffic
  • Top Apps by Network usage

The following sections under the Applications tab appear empty:

  • Active Application Details
  • Application Request Details
  • Session Details
  • Cache Details

The following sections under the Application Pools tab appear empty:

  • Active Application Pools Details
  • Common Language Runtime (CLR) Data
  • Common Language Runtime (CLR) Memory Data
  • Common Language Runtime (CLR) Thread Data

Basically I'm missing all the interesting data for the IIS monitor. I checked the KB and the guide but I cannot find if there's any special config I have to do on the server to get this data. I don't have AppLogs nor APM enabled, just the basic monitor.

Thanks for the help!

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As Site24x7 uses Perfmon counters to fetch data from the IIS servers, please ensure if the below Perfmon counters are present to view data:

  • Web Service
  • Process
  • .NET CLR Loading
  • .NET CLR Exceptions
  • .NET CLR Memory
  • .NET CLR LocksAndThreads

Read our documentation to know how to check if a perfmon counter is present. Let us know if this helps.




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Thanks for the help Hisham,

I just checked and we do have the perf counters, with the difference that they are in Spanish. Maybe the agent looks up by using the English name?

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Can you please execute the attached PowerShell script and mail us the output at support@site24x7.com for further analysis?



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