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Bulk actions/rules on EC2 monitors


I try to modify our existing EC2-monitors (i want to change user alert groups), with a bulk action, but the modification doesn't seem to happen.  I also tried the same with creating a rule, and replace the user alert groups that way, but also that fails.  For our server monitors this works both ways, but on our windows-machine EC2 monitors nothing changes with a bulk action or rule.

Any idea what could cause this?  Could something be blocked on windows-level? What's the mechanism behind the bulk actions and/or rules?

Best regards,


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Re: Bulk actions/rules on EC2 monitors

Dear Ruben, 

  This seems to be a issue. Did you by any chance contact our support for this? If not I recommend to contact support@site24x7.com to get it sorted out. 


PM, Site24x7


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