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Change in StatusIQ Sender domain


The StatusIQ sender domain for emails has been changed from:    

  •   mail.site24x7sp.com to mails.site24x7sp.com (US Data center)
  •   mail.site24x7sp.eu to mails.site24x7sp.eu (EU)
  •   mail.site24x7sp.in to mails.site24x7sp.in (IN)
  •   mail.site24x7sp.cn to mails.site24x7sp.cn (CN)
  •   mail.site24x7sp.com.au to mails.site24x7sp.com.au (AU)                   

As a result, you'll be receiving StatusIQ notifications from no-reply@mails.site24x7sp.com instead of no-reply@mail.site24x7sp.com

You may need to whitelist mails.site24x7sp.com. Once that's done, add the email address no-reply@mails.site24x7sp.com to your mail client's address book. 

Note: If you've customized the email address, you won't need to take any action. 

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