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Configure a warning with JSON

Hi 24x7-Team,

I try to configure a REST API Monitor with JSON.
With the endpoint URL I can get the JSON output.

With  components.Email[0].statusText I get the result "Ok"
Now I want to configure a warning if the "statusText" of email isn´t "Ok"

"Email": [
                "id": 75936284,
                "Enabled": true,
                "name": 67,
                "description": "",
                "farmmember": "SERVER-00",
                "status": 5,
                "detailedstatus": 1,
                "duration": "00:00:00",
                "dtCheckPerformed": "2024-02-28T23:25:03",
                "dtNextCheck": "2024-02-29T23:25:03",
                "interval_s": 86400,
                "statusText": "Ok"

I tried several options but it doesn´t work.

 Can you please tell me how this should be written?

Thanks a lot,



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Hi Fabien,

Please configure components.Email[0][?(@.statusText == "Ok")]

The filter pattern [?(@.statusText == "Ok")] will look for the json object with its value as "Ok" under Email[0]. if it is not found, Site24x7 mark the monitor as down with configured severity.




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