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Different Outages from a particular Resources/Services gets overlapped with same alert

Hi Team ,

  As mentioned above ,Outages get overlapped with site24x7alarms  since the node/services is same .Due to this we could not able convert each outages into separate incidents ,Because each outages has its  own and different impacts . for ex In XXXXXXXXXX server we have received Disk utilization alerts ,While this alarm in our queue we have got one more outages from the same node which is Memory /CPU utilization breached the threshold limit what we have set. Since its tagged both outages in a single alarm event ,In our ITSM tool we could able to convert this event  as separate incident tickets. 

Similarly for M365 health service monitoring also. Kindly provide solution or suggestion to overcome such issues.

Note : We are using webhook method for third party integration with ServiceNow.

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