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Disk space monitoring

It would be nice to have many % value for monitoring disk space 15% 10% 5%. Or better alert on free space in term of Free Giga bytes.

The problem is monitoring a 10 tera bytes volume 15% is still a lot of free space 1.5 Tera byte



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Re: Disk space monitoring

use the server disk partition server report.

Note change the period to last hour and then type in All Server monitor for the monitors/tag(not obvious i admit). it is a good report to understand disk usable in your environment

we have setup a threshold for less than 5% freespace so any servers that are tight on space are flagged on the dashboards


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Re: Disk space monitoring


Greetings from Site24x7.

To set the threshold configurations for Disk Free Space:

  1. Go to Server > select the Server Monitor, hover on the hamburger icon, and then select Edit.
  2. In the Edit Monitor page, click on the pencil icon near Threshold and Availability.
  3. This will lead you to the Edit Threshold page where you can choose the threshold configurations from the drop-down menu.

The following threshold configurations are available for Disk Free Space:

  • Overall Disk Free Space in GB/TB
  • Partition Disk Utilization Threshold in GB/TB
  • Partition Disk Utilization Threshold (%)
  • Partition Disk Free Space Threshold in GB/TB
  • Partition Disk Free Space Threshold (%)

    Please feel free to share your feedback or contact support@site24x7.com in case of any clarifications.

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