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Display current Value of Server Checks

Would it be possible to have Site24x7 report the current value that is reported back for any server Check e.g. file size, folder size.


Site24x7 must receive this value to determine if a threshold  has been exceeded therefore the value should be able to display within the portal.


This would also be helpful (if the polled values are recorded) to determine the rate of growth/change in value

With MIBS on network devices it is possible receive a current reported value to test that a meaningful value is received.


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Site24x7 currently has the functionality to track any SNMP metric present in the device through Custom SNMP monitoring.

Navigate to Network > Network Devices > Click the device for which you wish to see the data. Then, click the Performance Counters tab. If the device supports the metrics you wish to track, you can add them to the Performance Counters tab, view their values, and set threshold conditions. You can also view the historical data by clicking the metric, which will take you to the Attribute Report tab that contains the Performance Report of the device for that metric.

However, if this is not what you were looking for, can you please shed more light on the use case as it would help us understand your query better?

Hope this helps.


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Reporting SNMP values works fine and you can report the current value. 


My query relates to server checks e.g. file size, file age monitor etc

Select a server 

Click checks

select a check that you wish to check for - in this case it is the file size.File size monitor


How can you find out (once this test is added) the current value Site24x7 believes the monitored file is? 

It would be handy for see the last modified date etc etc rather than just an up down state. 

At the moment it is hard to know if monitoring is working for this type of test. 

Note if a file is deleted, an up state is reported for file size.

I hope this clarifies what we are after.


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