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DNS resolving IP logger



I want to ask for monitor that does the following:

  • I configure an address, for instance, test.test.com
  • I want the monitor, for every poll, to resolve the IP of this address from the default DNS of the locations I choose (from the list of location monitors) and log it so I can view it later (Example: a log of resolving IP every 5 minutes from Tokyo, London, and Paris).

logs should be something like this:

[Time] - Resolving IP of test.test.com. From:

  • [Location1] is [IP1]
  • [Location2] is [IP2]

Thanks in advance

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Re: DNS resolving IP logger


Thanks for raising this.

I need following clarifications with respect to this:

  • Do you monitor 'A' record or any DNS records with this ?
  • Do you use CDN and want to check DNS resolution from each locations ? In this case, do you want a CDN monitoring or DNS monitoring ?
  • Do you also want to validate the response for any matches ? What it is ?
  • Do you also want to keep threshold check for resolution time ?
  • Do you want to get alerted if IP Address changes in a location ?

Please let me know your feedback for the above questions, so that i can add on to the requirement document internally which will be useful for our product management team.


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