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False down alert

Last night and this morning my team has been getting alerts saying that our sites are down. When we browse to the sites ourselves we are able to hit them and log into them without any issues. Even though the alarms are stating that the site is down. 

When we get the alert and are sent the ROOT cause email about it we get the following 

HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Server : nginx/1.14.0 (Ubuntu)
Date : Wed, 13 Mar 2019 02:07:45 GMT
Content-Type : text/html
Content-Length : 150
Connection : keep-alive

This happened from 10:30PM eastern on 3/12/19 to 04:30AM on 3/13/19.

the error shows on all of the sites we had the error with. 

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I think we are seeing the same problem.  What was the solution?

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Hello Jeff,

Please share the RCA you received for this alert to our support. We will analyze and get back.

Few tips on how to analyze are:

  • See the screenshot if available part of down alert / rca for understanding the failure type.
  • Check if the issue is there only in specific regions. It may be working for you in your place but may be it is failing for the users accessing from different cities. This may be due to regional ISP issues. This can be analyzed based on Traceroute or Network visualization provided in the RCA.
  • Check if there are any issue with your DNS. Your browser might have cached the IP address of the domain thus you may not experience the same problem as an remote user experience. RCA will have DNS Analysis for the given domain.
  • Check if your website has multiple IP address and if the resolved IP and IP in your browser are same. 
    It may be a partial issue.

These troubleshooting steps will guide you understand the problem. If you need further assistance on analyzing the problem, contact our support with RCA details.



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Update: Site24x7 confirmed the problem was on their end.  They reported the problem as "stale entries in their database".  They were able to remove those stale entries.

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