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Feature Request - Ability to add a Reason to Availability Report

Could you please add the ability to include an additional availability report for Servers, Network, website, Ping and Web transaction that includes a reason for each recorded outage.


We would love to use 24x7 for our company availability reports that doesnt require further manipulation

The fields we would like included in the report are


Monitor Name

Start Time

End Time


Reason  - this is currently generated by 24x7 e.g.  Server shutdown or restart has been initiated on 26 October 2023, 15:11 BST.

Reason (free text) - Text that we can add that gets included in the new additional availability report


Note there is a Latest comment field that appears on outages only. This is a bit variable as sometimes displays blank text.


We would like the report to also include a section for outages observed due to maintenance. The Reason (free text) field would then allow us to include a comment regarding the maintenance e.g. Outage due to Server patching Change Reference xxxxxx


Unavailable From Monitor Service Restored Duration Reference Reason (free text) Outage type
25/10/2023 09:38 Website Server 25/10/2023 09:43 00:05 Ref CH12234 Scheduled Server patching Maintenance
26/10/2023 12:13 zoho portal 27/10/2023 01:15 13:02 Ref INC12345 Outage caused by Azure cloud service outage Full
26/10/2023 00:00 Network Switch NET1223 26/10/2023 01:15



Ref INC12346 Power outage affecting the Computer labs within the Smith Building Partial

ideally we would like to be able just to generate a report (one click) that will generate a report similar to the above (Once comments have been manually added within the portal)







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HI Sherron,

Thankyou for the detailed description for the feature. We provide the option to add comments for an outage due to maintenance. However, we are yet to support it to show in our availability reports. We will take this up as a feature request and keep you posted on the same.





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Hi Sherron,

We have option to add comments to every outages for monitors you can add comments in two ways.

1.Goto respective Monitor details page -> click outage tab -> Click Hamburger menu of listed outage -> Add/Edit Comment


2. Home -> Outages -> Click Hamburger menu of listed outage -> Add/Edit Comment


In Reports when generating availability summary report.

Under Overall Outage Details, the latest comments added in the outages will be shown in report.



Please note only the recent comments added in the outages will be show in the report.





Pazhani Ragunathan

Product Manager - Site24x7

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