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Feature Request - Alert Notifications (Response time)

Would like to see the ability to set response time notifications so they alert only if 2 or more pollers have a response time greater then value set to trigger an alert. Not just when one is seeing slow response time.


Have the option to trigger alert if the threshold is breached two (configurable) or more times in a row.

We're using on-premises pollers and every once in awhile they may see a higher response time while others do not. This generates a false positive.

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By default, we will do average of last 5 polls data, for slow response time alerting. I think it does not satisfy either of your above requirement. We will consider this feature request.

On your second request, would you like to receive an alert even if the spike is captured from two different locations on the consecutive polls ?
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Would like to be able to only get notified when two (configurable) locations alert. :)
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For completeness of this post, sharing the solution for the request raised in this. 

You can use the downtime rules in the threshold profile of website monitor to ensure you are notified only when 3 locations have outages for the website you are monitoring (in this case poller locations).

Additionally, you can use poll strategy for every attribute or downtime notification delay in notification profiles which helps in suppressing the alerts that may trigger due to occasional spikes in response time. 


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