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Feature Request: Webhook as Notification Medium


We would like to see that a customer webhook can be selected as notification medium in the notification profile.


Reason for the request:

Site24x7 is integrated with out ITSM tool. When an alert is triggered an notification will be send to our tool and a ticket is created.

In the SLA with our clients we agreed to not act on alerts in the weekends so we want to avoid that the webhook to be triggered in the weekend.

So we have created an alerting profile but we can only connect this to email, sms, voice call and push notification. 


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Dear Richard, 

     What if there are genuine alerts that site24x7 captures. Don't you think these have to recorded in the ITSM tool whether or not its on a weekend or not? This would help in analysis of how many alerts are actually raised during non-sla hours/days. Suppressing the alerts to ITSM tool defeat the purpose I feel. 

The purpose for notification medium which was introduced was to primarily take into account operations engineer overhead of receiving alerts during non-business hours.  

Let us know what you think.. And thank you for raising this here in the community.


Site24x7, PM

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Hey Jasper,

And that is exactly the point we are trying to solve. The overhead. We don't want all these extra tickets. 

There is no need to have a ticket created during non-sla. We are a MSP and most of our customers are in retail industry. So power will be turned off after store closure or there is provider maintenance of which we are not informed about. I don't want to track these our our ITSM as these are irrelevant. 

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