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File check from dynamic location.

is it possible to apply a size check for log file where the file name remains same and location keeps changing for each server?

do we have to configure it on each system separately or we can configure it centrally and apply on a monitor group? 

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Hi Pratik,

This can be achieved using either one of the below options:

Using Resource checks:

You have to create a separate resource profile for each server/group of servers, which will have the file name and location configured and apply that specific resource profile to each of those server monitors in the Edit page or the Checks tab in that server monitor page. Please read our documentation on how to create a new resource check profile.

Once resource check profiles are created, you can associate it to a bulk of servers using the Bulk Action option. Learn more.

Using the File Monitoring plugin:

You download our file_monitoring plugin from our GitHub repository. You have to configure the filename along with the path for 'file'  in file_monitoring.cfg for each plugin and it will add all the file checks as a monitor in Site24x7.
Licensing: One plugin will be free for each of the server monitors. If more are added, every plugin will consume one basic monitor license.

Hope this clarifies your use case. Let us know for any queries in the below thread.




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