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Finding my needle in a haystack


We have a fairly busy setup - 811 individual monitors in maybe 50+ monitoring groups.

A few weeks ago, we installed the agent on four servers. We failed to put them in the correct monitoring group, and now I can't find them!  Or rather, it could be any of a horde of monitors, all with very similar hostnames.

Is there a way to easily search for a monitor based on an AWS tag, it's host name?  Is there anything on the server itself in the /opt/site24x7/monagent/conf that would tell me where in the world I can find it in Site24x7?

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Re: Finding my needle in a haystack

The best way to handle this would have been to allow users to order monitors in the "Admin > Inventory > Monitors" list by created time. That option does not exist there. We will add that one and a few other met data like Updated Time in future.

Now coming to another option specifically for AWS, we are improving our capabilities for monitoring servers running in  AWS. When all the important updates are done, keeping Site24x7 Agent Based Server monitors in synch (by introducing tags in Site24x7 itself) with the corresponding tags in AWS will be one of the use cases we will solve. This would make searching easy too.

Thanks for bringing this up.
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