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Free online training to help you learn more about Site24x7

Hi folks,

Have you ever wanted to bump a monitor out of a maintenance window so that you can check its status?

Are you familiar with the Snooze Maintenance feature in Site24x7?

Head to Home > Schedule Maintenance and click the Monitors under Maintenance link. You can see the monitors that are currently under maintenance. When you select one of them, you'll be able to select the Snooze Maintenance option.

Curious to learn more about similar features hiding in plain sight that you may have missed or looking to sharpen your skills with features you know about but haven't used yet?

Every product has a learning curve, but we're here to help. Are you ready?

We have designed free, quarterly online training to help you learn more about Site24x7. This training includes different features, configurations, reports, dashboards, alerts, and a lot more so that you can use Site24x7 effectively and better meet your business goals!

Please join our free online training program from October 5th to 9th, 2020 by registering using the link below that works best with your timezone:

11:00am AEDT   10:00am GMT   11:00am PDT

This 5-day training will tackle different sets of features during each day to transfer as much knowledge as possible.

We will keep this community post up to date on future training as well, so don't forget to click Follow this topic. Have any questions? Feel free to post them here in a comment below.

Looking forward to having you on board.

Muraleedharan S,
The Site24x7 team

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Re: Re: Free online training to help you learn more about Site24x7

Hi Sameer,

I have shared the registration links below directly:


11:00am AEDT: https://site24x7.zohoshowtime.com/sessions/q4-aedt#/home/register?source=communitypost 

10:00am GMT : https://site24x7.zohoshowtime.com/sessions/q4-gmt#/home/register?source=communitypost

11:00am PDT: https://site24x7.zohoshowtime.com/sessions/q4-pdt#/home/register?source=communitypost


I have attached a screenshot of the Registration page for your reference.


If there are difficulties, can you try from a different browser or network?(just to be sure it is not a network restriction)


Thanks & Regards,

Muraleedharan S,


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