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Full data export?

Is it possible to export ALL of the data for a web page analyzer monitor? By component. By Date. By location.
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Currently you will be able to export DNS time, Page Load time, Rendering time of the web page loaded. We need to provide an option to export all the data of Web page analyzer monitor. That said, i would like to know your expected format for exporting the data. Do you want it in HAR format ?

How will you use the exported data might help us understand the usecase better and provide proper solution.
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A simple CSV export is really all I need. It is necessary to identify individual page components that are causing the slow load time. Being able to report on specific files, scripts and media over time is very useful. Also need to know which location a given test came from.
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The ability to export a HAR format file would be useful. Is there functionality to do so now?
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Hey guys,

I was also looking for the HAR, how can I export from the test results?

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Dear Rodrigo,

  You can very well download the HAR file. To do that navigate through Web tab >  webpage speed (Browser) > click on a monitor > Click on PageSpeed Insights tab > Download HAR. You can also view the HAR file online using HAR Viewer tool.


Hope this helps.


PM Site24x7


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