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Group support for MSP's

Right now, when we need to provide MSP level access to one of our engineers, we need to add him manually to all existing MSP Customer accounts. This is very tedious. 

We would like to be able to have group support for MSP's, where we can create groups, add MSP users to those groups, and provide access to MSP accounts based on those groups.
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Thanks for suggesting this feature. We will try to solve this usability issue. 



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Hi Cloudar,

We are glad to inform you that we have extended the support for Customer Groups in MSP.

Customer Group gives you more flexibility to manage your Customer Accounts; further lets you streamline User management by enabling quick association of MSP Users with Customer Accounts. A few of the scenarios are listed below:

  • While adding/modifying a Customer Account, you can associate the Customer with multiple Customer Groups. All the Users associated with these Customer Groups will get instant access to the Customer Account.
  • As soon as the new MSP User accepts the account invitation, the User gets instant access to all the Customers linked to the Customer Groups, associated with the User. Also, you can modify an existing User by associating the User with relevant Customer Groups.

Thanks for your patience.

Happy Monitoring!
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Thanks guys!

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