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Haproxy Attributes


We've been using haproxy plugin and a bit confused with amount of attributes that shows up on site24x7. We have 100+ services and 65 proxies in our Haproxy, but Site24x7 only shows about 26-28 attributes regardless of metrics monitored, we've tried 2-3-5 different metrics at the time, but we still get pretty much the same amount of attributes in Site24x7. Is there any limitation to it? Can we somehow increase that?


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Re: Haproxy Attributes

Hi, I have the same issue, did you solve it? thanks in advance.

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Re: Re: Haproxy Attributes

Hi angelromero,

Currently, for plugins we have an upper limit of 25 attributes for monitoring. We are working on increasing the number of metrics to monitor per plugin. Will update this post once we release that.




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