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IT Automation - send an SNMP string to reboot a network device

I am needing an option to send an SNMP string to reboot a network device. Is this a possibility to add to the IT automation?

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Thank you for reaching out. Currently, we do not support IT Automation through the On-Premise Poller.

However, we suggest you use the server agent. Install server agent for the Linux server by following the steps in the help documentation

Create IT Automation by following the below steps:

  1. Log in to your Site24x7 account.

  2. Go to Admin > IT Automation Templates > Add Automation Templates.

  3. Select Server Script or Server Command from the drop-down beside the Type field.

  4. Fill in the details of the script or the command to send an SNMP request to the router.

  5. Ensure the field Select Hosts for Server Script/Command Execution has your server agent selected.

Currently, we support IT Automation for the network devices only at the device level for various status changes of your monitor.

Kindly answer these questions to help us understand your scenario better:

  1. Where do you want to execute this automation?

  2. When would you want this automation to be triggered? Is it during a spike in any performance counters or as a schedule?



John Pandian

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