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Line Break in email template

I'd like to be able to include a line break in my email template.  This would enable me to provide customized, and readable, instructions to the help desk technicians.

Currently I have a template that looks like this;

Search function has generated an alert.  This could mean service whoozit is not working on the web host.

Please check Customer Name's quick notes for response and troubleshooting information at https://documentation.com/vendor

Downtime duration: $DOWNTIME 

But!   This gets compressed into one line of text when the email is sent.

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The answer is obvious, in hindsight: use HTML tags.  In this case, <br>
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Our apologize for the delay. 

We have made some changes in regards to alert templates recently. Now, you can provide the details line by line in the alert templates, which will not be compressed into a single line text in the alerts. 


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