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Mass Delete Outages

There are times when a monitor or monitors are created and there are extra unforeseen things that need to be done that cause the monitors to fail and issue false alerts/outages.

Cleaning up these false alerts are a nuisance when you have to clean them up manually and only capable of doing so one by one.

It would be nice to be able to multi-select Outages on a monitor and group level and be able to mass delete to clean up monitors.

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Re: Mass Delete Outages

We've been wanting this function for a long time too! Same rationale as the OP. Thank you so much for considering this.

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Re: Mass Delete Outages

Yes, agreed. There are times where we need to delete multiple outages and doing it one at a time is laborious. Having a way to delete multiple outages simultaneously would be fantastic. 

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Re: Mass Delete Outages

Even 2 years later, the need for selecting multiple outages is there.

Could you please integrate that feature?


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Re: Re: Mass Delete Outages

Dear Thomas,

   We apologize that we haven't touched upon it yet. I have now added it to our roadmap. Will get back what there is a concrete plan of action for this. 

In the mean time, you can fetch the outages through this API which will contain the monitorid and outageid and can delete outages through outages delete API


PM, Site24x7

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