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Fewer API calls without compromising observability - Introducing Metric Profiles

What is the ideal solution for ensuring observability without making tons of API calls? Metric Profiles. 

Let us explain a little more in detail.

If you are an existing Site24x7 user, you may already know that we provide thorough performance and health metrics for your Google Cloud resources. We have now added an option for you to collect and view only the metrics that are vital for you.

Think of a Metric Profile as a checklist where you enter what metrics you'd like to get for each Google Cloud resource we monitor. Site24x7 will make API calls to fetch only those selected metrics, which offers the following advantages:
  • Viewing just the metrics you want
  • Making API calls to Google Cloud only for the metrics you require

Setting up a Metric Profile is as easy as checking off a list. View the crisp instructions in our Google Cloud monitoring Metric Profile help document.

Moreover, if you haven't tried our Google Cloud monitoring solution yet, try it now. Here's how. Are your resources hosted on other public cloud platforms? We have you covered. Start monitoring your Azure and AWS resources with zero false alerts.

Happy monitoring!
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