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Monitor Changes with no warning

Why did your listing of basic monitors and advanced monitors change without warning or notice to your customers?


Among those affected, were SQL server, IIS, and Exchange.  They were blinding moved to the advanced monitor type and has caused our organization huge issues with monitoring, breaking alot of them, suspending them and now when your monitor decides it doesn't want to report data back, if we try to reinstall the agent per your troubleshooting suggestions, we can't because he don't have the proper monitor packs on our account.  


This is a HUGE cost difference and would have been a deciding factor before we purchased your product, and is a dirty bait and switch, with no advanced warning or communication of any kind.  Screenshots from google caches of your pricing page from August and one taken today.  This morally wrong and not acceptable at all.  



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Hi Drew,

First of all sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. We understand your concern.

One of the reasons we had to do this was because of the way we were handling SQL Clusters. In the earlier model, an active node and passive node were two or more different monitors. That had to be merged. Additionally, we felt that in keeping with the other Windows Applications, we had to make this an Advanced Monitor.

Please note that we had sent out two emails to potential customers who may get affected notifying this change and for those who had issues, we have provided appropriate Advanced Monitors to take care of the licensing. One other point, IIS remains a basic monitor.

If you have further queries, drop us a line on support@site24x7.com


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