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Monitor Disk Folder Growth

Hi all,

feature request: We want to monitor all shares and folders on our Fileserver Windows Server 2012 R2. Which folder grow over 24 hours and who (which user) created the files. We have File Audit from Manage Engine but cannot monitor the disk's itself. We need this feature to plan how fast our folder and shares growing. It would be nice if we have advanced "Fileserver" monitor.

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Please find attached the plugin script file to monitor all the shares and folders in Windows server 2012 R2.

How to setup the Plugin?

  1. Download the attached zip file - Disk Folder Monitoring.
  2. Edit and change the $path specified in the script.
  3. Download and install the Windows agent.
  4. Inside the installation directory, access monitoring > Plugins (default folder)
    Eg: C:\Program Files (x86)\Site24x7\WinAgent\monitoring\Plugins 
  5. Create a folder under the Plugins directory in the agent installation path and unzip the attached file there. Make sure the name of plugin folder name and the plugin script file name are identical. For eg., for this plugin, the folder name should be disk folder monitoring and the plugin script file name should be disk folder monitoring.ps1
    Eg: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Site24x7\WinAgent\monitoring\Plugins\disk folder monitoring\disk folder monitoring.ps1"

The Windows agent will automatically detect the plugin and mark it up for monitoring. You can see the monitor under Server > Plugins in the Site24x7 web client. The plugin monitor will also be listed under the respective server monitor's Plugins tab (Server > Server Monitor > Servers > click on the desired server monitor > Plugins). 

Hope this helps. Let us know for further queries, if any.


Happy Monitoring!

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Hello All,

I just tried to use this plug, buy I get an error message "Data is empty or not in key value pair format" on the portal.

Any idea why?

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Hi Lukasz Kozalski,

We have updated our plugin script for better performance. Please download the attached file and follow the instructions you had followed earlier.
Let us know if you would like more assistance.

Happy monitoring!
Suraj D

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