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Monitor MySQL custom queries with the new plugin integration


We are pleased to announce a new plugin integration to monitor custom queries in your MySQL database.

With the MySQL custom query monitoring plugin, you can:
  • Track key business metrics: Keep a close eye on essential key performance indicators (KPIs) by monitoring specific cell values from SQL queries related to user engagement, sales and revenue, customer satisfaction scores, payment gateway response times, failed transactions, and more. 
  • Identify issues and optimize performance: Monitor query execution times of critical queries to detect and address potential application issues.
  • Receive timely alerts: Set up threshold-based alerts to notify you when specific query results show inconsistencies, unexpected changes, or failure, ensuring that you can respond promptly to critical events.
  • Customize query configuration: Tailor the plugin to meet your exact requirements by configuring it to monitor queries critical to your business. You can leverage a range of attributes to trigger events and ensure thorough query monitoring.

Follow the steps in the GitHub README file to install the MySQL custom query monitoring plugin integration and monitor any query in your MySQL database. After installing the plugin, log in to the Site24x7 web client and navigate to the Plugins tab from the left navigation to view the data.

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more than 100 plugin integrations to monitor your entire application stack.

You can also build your own plugin in Linux or Windows to monitor any custom application, system, or service in your server. 

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