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Monitor operating time slots

Many of our monitors cannot run continuously and we (improperly) use maintenance to manage time slots.
Unfortunately this workaround has now become unmanageable (see attachment).
Would it be possible to add the possibility of setting operating time slots independently of the maintenance?

For example, suppose to have a service that normally is available from 06:00 to 23:59 from Monday to Friday, every week of every month of every year (operational period). The monitor must run in the same hours, because from 00:00 to 05:59 run batches, system activities, etc etc.
Once, to fix a bug, service and monitor must be stopped from 10:00 to 12:00 (maintenance period).
These time slots must be independent. Is it possible to implement this feature?


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Hi Maurizio, 

You can make use of Business hours options to set time slots for you requirement.
You may view details of the monitors based on the business hours created from the "Availability Summary Report" under Reports ->Website ->Availability Summary report  under Reports by selected monitor and make use of "Business hours" filter.
Hope this helps.
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Hi Jenzo

Thanks for your answer, but what I need is the ability to set the probe execution times, not to filter the results.
Something similar to what you can do with MicroFocus APM (see the picture), if it's possible.

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Hi Maurizio,
  May I why you want to restrict monitoring? Is the intention for restricting due to the fact that SLA of the resource thats monitored might might be skewed? What outcome are you expecting to achieve from this. It would be good to know this insight. 

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Hi Jasper

The reason we need to stop monitors is that some of our services are interdependent with each other or depend on third party services which may be unavailable, especially during the night or weekend, due to backups, updates, etc.
To avoid being overwhelmed by false alarms, we currently schedule fake maintenance tasks. This workaround works, but has now become unmanageable (see previously attached ScheduleMaintenance.jpg).


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