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Monitoring Host's Syslog from Docker Agent

Hi, we're using the Docker Site24x7 agent to monitor our hosts. Host stats, and Docker containers all monitor as expected, but I can't make pick up the host log files.

It currently reports "The last we received logs for this log type was Apr 7, 08:16:13:393 (1 Hrs 44 Mins ago)."

I followed the pattern of mapping /var/log -> /host/var/log

I also tried adding /host/var/log/* to the Syslog Log type

I've not managed to find any documentation regarding this, apart from www.site24x7.com/help/log-management/sys-logs.html which suggests what I've done should work.

Any suggestions on what to try?

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Re: Monitoring Host's Syslog from Docker Agent

Dear Nigel,

                The steps that you've followed are correct and we are also receiving the logs at our end. That's why you are viewing the last log received time message in our client. We need to check this issue further for better debugging. Hence, we recommend you raise a support ticket to support@site24x7.com with the screenshot of the AppLogs page.



Magesh Rajan

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