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Monitoring recommendation for Salesforce and Netsuite?

We use a couple third-party sites for business, such as Netsuite and Salesforce. 

They have external status websites for status. 
For example https://status.netsuite.com/, has Application UI, SuiteCommerce - Websites, SuiteCommerce - Checkout, Email, etc.
Is there a way Site 24x7 could monitor each of these components?
I came across content changing but that seems a little unreliable

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Thanks for suggesting this feature. Earlier we were thinking of doing similar solution, then put into our back burner because of other priorities. We will look into implementing this as a monitoring in Site24x7.

One thing i noticed in the above netsuite status page is there is no RSS link with which we should be able to identify the status easily. Will plan our solution accordingly and update here.

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