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2023 Year in review-network monitoring: Unraveling complexities and enhancing observability

At Site24x7, we have a lot of things to be thankful for: our colleagues who make our days brighter; our customers who have stayed with us through thick and thin; and our progress, which has been in leaps and bounds this year. As organizations worldwide try to break down the layers of complexities, gain deep visibility, and deliver reliable services, new technologies have evolved that reflect these trends—the foremost of which is network observability and its importance in enhancing resilience. 

Site24x7 has stayed ahead of these trends with several releases this year that enhance observability, resilience, and integrity across various types of networks, whether they are cloud-based like VMWare and Cisco Meraki or traditional on-premises networks.

Let's review our progress and our upcoming plans for the coming year that will help set the stage for innovation and growth in line with what organizations want and need. 

Easily manage any device with Site24x7's custom device templates 

Our Network Configuration Manager (NCM) now supports any device! If you have a new device on your network that doesn't have a template listed under generic templates, you can still manage it by using NCM. Simply add a custom template for that device, and you're good to go. 

Network configuration manager supports any device
Minimizing security risks with firmware vulnerability management  

Firmware vulnerabilities can lead to critical security issues that may jeopardize the security of your networks. So, network administrators must remain vigilant to safeguard their networks and promptly identify device vulnerabilities. With the help of our NCM tool, you can now effortlessly scan your monitored devices for firmware vulnerabilities and identify potential risks based on vulnerability data provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Firmware vulnerability management with NCM

Visualize all your Cisco Meraki devices on a map 

Our Map View displays all Cisco Meraki devices and organizations on a map, providing an at-a-glance status and detailed device information. Meraki Map View offers a user-friendly interface to view and manage all devices in real time, regardless of their location, allowing for streamlined device management.

Cisco meraki map view
Enjoy optimal network performance with WAN monitoring

Maintain optimal network performance with the help of our WAN monitoring tool, which uses Cisco IPSLA. It can detect delays in round-trip time, monitor the availability of destination devices, and provide detailed insights. Additionally, you will receive alerts for outages, unscrupulous usage, or intermittent connectivity issues. Our comprehensive tool can help you keep your network running smoothly by reducing your first-time-to-action.
WAN monitoring tool
Solo performances or symphonies?  

There has been quite a debate going on between monitoring and observability, with some preferring to stay with the former while others are rapidly transitioning towards the latter. Monitoring gives you the flexibility to track what you need, while observability gives you a big-picture view across components. Site24x7 is well-equipped to cater to both the segments as it has some new releases planned for 2024 that will take us a step closer towards complete network observability. 

These are but a few of our major updates in 2023! You can check out our What's New page for a preview of other improvements and releases throughout the year. With these additions and many more, we remain committed to assisting your organization's operational requirements. 

From all of us at Site24x7 and Zoho, we wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a very happy year ahead.

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