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New AWS integration: Amazon API Gateway

Hey folks,

We're adding one more cloud service, Amazon API Gateway, to our growing list of supported AWS integrations (16 in total if you're keeping count). You can now monitor API execution metrics, visualize traffic patterns and processing times, track cache performance, and analyze error rates across all API stages within your deployment.

You can also discover the addressable resource paths within an API and monitor API execution metrics for all defined methods. For more details, check out our help documentation.


A few key things about the integration:

  • Alert-ready metrics: Visualize usage and alert on API calls, latency, integration latency, cache hit count, cache miss count, 4xx errors, and 5xx errors, both on a stage level and individual method level.
  • Licensing: Each API stage or API resource is considered a basic monitor.
  • Availability: The integration is available for Site24x7 customers regardless of their subscription plans.
  • Prerequisite: Enable Detailed CloudWatch Metrics using the API Gateway console, and make sure the necessary read-level actions (apigateway:GET) are present in the policy assigned to the Site24x7 AWS IAM entity.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, you can get in touch with us at support@site24x7, or post to this forum. Cheers!

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