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New sub-domain name for Site24x7 StatusIQ and status page URLs

As you might be aware, Signals, Site24x7's product for public status pages, was renamed StatusIQ in 2021. While we continued to use the domain site24x7signals.com to accept traffic, we moved to our new domain, site24x7statusiq.com, on January 31, 2022.

As part of this sub-domain name change, we plan to update the status page URLs hosted on our sub-domains from site24x7signals.com to site24x7statusiq.com. All the requests received for <statuspagename>.site24x7signals.com will be redirected to the new domain, <statuspagename>.site24x7statusiq.com. 

The existing domain site24x7signals.com will continue to serve requests until November 13, 2022. Till that date, you can access your pages using both the current and new page URLs. Beginning November 14, 2022, we will be permanently redirecting the requests received for <statuspagename>.site24x7signals.com to the new domain, <statuspagename>.site24x7statusiq.com.


What will happen if you do not change to the new domain?
There will be no impact, as we'll be making the changes from the back end.  If you've bookmarked or linked the status pages from your webpages, please update them with the new domain. 

Note: This change will not impact the status page URLs hosted on custom domains. For example, status.yourdomain.com.

We've already sent a mailer with your updated page URLs. Please check your inbox for the same.

Please feel free to contact support@site24x7.com for further clarifications.

The Site24x7 StatusIQ team

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