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Notification after X minutes of normal state - How to?

Hi all,

How to clear an alert after X minutes that the device is UP again?
For example:

I have a network device with 40% of packet loss threshold configured. So, if the packet loss reach 40%, I receive the alert notificaton and thats ok.
But if the packet loss goes to 39% for only 1 minute then return above 40%, I receive the clear alert notification and another alert notification because its above 40% again.

There is a way to receive the notification of clear alert only if the device is in normal state after 10min, for example?
I know we can delay notification alert when the status is Down / Critical / Trouble but not about Normal.

Thanks in advance
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Hi Alex,
   Sorry, It is not possible to delay notification alerts specifically for normal status. The purpose of delayed notification for status(Down,Critical,Trouble) is to avoid triggering immediate notifications for temporary issues that may recover soon. For monitors in the normal state, notifications are typically not delayed since this indicates that the monitored resource is functioning as expected.
    On the other hand, you can make use of "Time duration" under Poll Strategy for packet loss threshold. This setting can be accessed under Edit network monitor device page, under Configuration section, edit Threshold and availability.

When packet loss exceeds 40% for continuously ten minutes, Site24x7 will send a Trouble alert to the user.
Hope this helps.


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