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Notify your Email Subscribers - Need more options

StatusIQ email subscriber notification on schedule-maintenance is limited today for "advanced" notifications. Current option to notify in advance is just 1 hours or 24 hours or time of scheduling, which is too limiting when we work across geos. Is it possible to add couple flexible notification options for notify X hours & Notify Y days in advance, so we can choose say 48 hours & 7 days, etc, to notify sooner than current options.


  • Notify Subscribers

Notify your Email Subscribers: You can send email alerts to your subscribers and can choose when to send them. Various options are available to choose from:

  • Notify subscribers now: If you want to notify the subscribers immediately
  • Notify subscribers 1 hour before the maintenance starts
  • Notify subscribers 24 hours before the maintenance starts
  • Notify subscribers when maintenance starts
  • Notify subscribers when maintenance ends
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