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Obtaining Montior name based on status of the monitor using REST API 2.0

Hi All,

I am currently getting data regarding all monitors from Site 24X7 into SPLUNK using Site24X7 exposed REST API .But I would like to get all the monitors based on the status .In particular I am interested in 

status down(i.e., status constant 0)

status up(i.e., status constant 1)

status trouble(i.e., status constant 2)

like I am exactly look for an API end point which can pull me only  monitors that are up, down and trouble. I could not find the this in API 2.0 documentation. Please advise me how I can achieve this? Thanks

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Hi Santhosh,

You can use the current status api for your requirement. 

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Hi Santosh,


I'd like to do the same and get Site24x7 data into Splunk. Is there any way you could share with me some of the work you've already accomplished?

That would be of great help and truly appreciated!


Thank you,




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