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Office 365 monitoring

Are there any plans in integrating with MS Office 365 monitoring.
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Re: Office 365 monitoring

Hi Erik,

Thank you for your request.

Can you please elaborate on your requirement. There are multiple things we could do for Office365. 
1) Monitor performance and uptime of accessing services in Office365
2) Office365 Reporting - including - Lync, Exchange, Sharepoint online services
3) Some things "integrating with MS Office 365 monitoring" - this we do not understand. Any comments here with examples or use case scenario would be helpful.

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Re: Re: Office 365 monitoring


How can we monitor outlook / email services from office365 ?


Leandro Torres

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Re: Office 365 monitoring


Currently you could monitor it from an end user perspective (mail round trip time) by using our mail server RTT monitor. More info on website page and help doc.

However additional out-of-the-box performance metrics for  outlook and email services of Office365 is not present yet. That said, we are working on supporting it.

It would be great if you can share some of the stats or perspectives that you would like to see monitored as it would help in our current work. 

Additionally, if you send a mail to support with "Evaluate Office365" in the subject line, we could give you early access to it when its ready.
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Re: Office 365 monitoring

Glad to announce the support for monitoring Microsoft Office 365 servers. Monitor service status of Microsoft Exchange, Mail traffic, Lync and SharePoint. Stay on top of performance issues by getting instant alerts and informative reports on your Office 365 services.

  • Monitor performance of individual Microsoft Office 365 services configured in your account and get to know in real-time if a particular service is available
  • Make sure Microsoft Exchange performs optimally by monitoring Mailbox and Mail Group stats
  • Analyze data like active/inactive mailbox count, usage count and more
  • Get full visibility into Lync conference stats and analyze details on individual conference durations
  • Analyze SharePoint performance by tracking license details like total SharePoint users, unique SharePoint users, licenses acquired and assigned
Click here to know how to add an Office 365 monitor.
Other Microsoft apps supported - Microsoft Exchange, IIS, SQL, BizTalk, SharePoint, Hyper-V, Failover Cluster, and more.
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Re: Re: Office 365 monitoring

Office 365 monitoring is now agentless:

To further offer a seamless monitoring experience, we now support agentless monitoring of your Office 365 services. 

How it works?
Once login is completed in the Microsoft portal, an app called Site24x7 is registered in the user's Office 365 account, with read-only permission. The access tokens (generated from the Windows Graph API requests) are used to fetch data from the user's Office 365 account, that is presented in the Site24x7 web client.

Learn more on how to set up a monitor.

Happy Monitoring!

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Re: Office 365 monitoring

So when you installed the office365 from the official website that download office 365 free then login to the admin portal and set up your oddice365, after that one can maintain office365 connectivity monitoring using some tools and techniques. 


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